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motorcycle cafe korea seoul places to visit

an official hello from my new life in seoul. you’ll be seeing my boyfriend on here a lot more often now that we are living together ^^ my daily life is a lot happier now that we are together. aaaand i dont have to constantly stare at my phone (long-distance relationships tend to make you have obscene obsessions with your phone). we are really fond of biking and walking, so we have been exploring our surroundings non-stop. we have found a butt-load of stunning cafes in our neighbourhood, all of which are very cozy. but still, trying to limit myself on my café hopping, because next thing i know, ill have no money left for rent.

i titled this as a back to school post, even though its not back to school when you are ALWAYS in school. thought we looked like a middle-school couple or something haha. the leather skirt was such a good find, as it is such a versatile piece! happy with the pullover too, which has many of my favorite cities written with a letter in hangeul (the korean alphabet). if you have any interest in asia at all, i suggest to try learning the korean alphabet. it will take you all of 5 minutes!

new regime montreal born local brand streetwear fall wintersadjo ka model daouda ka brothers new regime fw14 streetwear must-haves bomber jacket fall
menswear fall must-haves fashion style hypebeast montreal new regime tshirts streetwear new regime montreal photoshoot fashion brand menswear fall winter pullover

presenting the f/w14 lookbook for montreal-based brand, new regime. the lookbook features the ka twins (an excellent choice) and some lovely montreal sights. personally, i always fall for a pop of orange, and enjoy the varsity jackets and stitch-detailing on the pullovers. the line is up for pre-sale online and hits stores october 9th. things are known to go fast, as new regime seems to be doing everything right. they have been collaborating and backing handfuls of montreal djs, artists, and anyone upcoming worth looking out for. +every season they shoot new photos for the #iamnewregime project, for which i took part (belooow).
samia liamani mia new regime montreal local

gentle monster hongdae hapjeong experiental marketing
gentle monster sunglasses korean style fashion trendsgentle monster sunglasses shopping experience korean fashion seoul hongdae

wasn’t really sure was i was getting myself into when i walked through the doors of gentle monster. just seemed like there was lots of hustle and bustle so my curiosity got the best of me. first, we saw the cloud room and everyone was trying to snap a shot with the surreal ambience. each floor gives you a full blown experience with the art installations, surrounding the minimalist sleek white shelves displaying the high quality sunglasses that go for about 200$ a pop. im quite picky when it comes to sunglasses, and karen walkers are my religion, but these seem to have pulled me in as well. they also sell regular eyewear. if you are ever in seoul, you should definitely check out the gentle monster shop.

Hongdae Showroom Location: 404-5, Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul


american apparel montreal outfit post canadian blogger pride week gay lgbtq out! tshirtamerican apparel out nyan cat ootd fashion blogger montreal canada AA
american apparel montreal

celebrating pride week with american apparel montreal! i chose this OUT! tshirt because i thought its colorful and fun and my last and only attempt at being bright and cheerful this summer haha. that, and american apparel tshirts are really soft and cozy. its weird, because diversity in general is second nature to us in canada. on the daily, you are always exposed to different sexual orientations, cultures, traditions, etc. thats definitely not the case for everywhere else in the world, so its important to keep celebrating and promoting equal rights!

you can all get 15% off on all lgbqt tshirts up until sun. aug 16th. #AAOUTmontreal

stussy houndstooth vans oakley reflection sunglasses chain necklace streetstyle montreal canadian fashion blogger

sunglasses: oakley, necklace: bimbomb, tank: stussy, leggings: bimbomb, sneakers: vans

skateboard skater longboarder stussy tank tanktop houndstooth blogger casual montreal fashion streetstyle personal style blog fashion montreal canada quebec korea seoul trends stussy silver chain necklace montreal food trucks pastaga piknic electronik sunday

its pretty sad that everyone i know is parting ways, but the great thing is everyone i know travels a ton, considers at least 2 or 3 cities ‘home’ and doesn’t forget to keep in touch! i began packing my suitcases early on and realized that nothing was going to fit inside them. so on sunday, we had a big garage sale at mount royal and i managed to sell a ton of my clothes (i was practically giving them away tbh). then i went to piknic electronik, which is a montreal festival at which international and local djs play all day long and you can buy buckets of wine, or yummy snacks at the food trucks. it was a blast! rachel came into town for a little bit-  i suggest you like her modeling page, shes the best.

in other news, because of the move, we are closing down bimbomb! so get it while you can. tax is included in the pricing, as is shipping for quebec. if you want to buy a bundle of things, just contact me personally. —> shop now @ bimbomb

samia liamani mia liamani floral studded jacket unif canadian blogger montreal fashion style personal streetstyleim in love with the idea of subscription services, and they are definitely on the rise. basically it entails receiving a package from a company on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis of a certain type of product. they only work when either a) it targets people who couldnt be bothered to shop for those things in the first place b) those busy, busy, busy bees who don’t have time to shop even if they wanted to c) people who love something so much, and wouldn’t mind paying for/receiving what have you on the regular. i belong to the latter – the group of people who love tea and flowers so much, that receiving a monthly dose of both could only make me happy!

london tea club

i already have a hefty tea collection and ive seen it come in all sorts of packaging- from round tins to silver baggies to little boxes. until ashley (my fellow foodie) showed me london tea club, i had never seen tea packaged in test tubes. how cute!!! i don’t live anywhere near london, so it wouldn’t be worth it for me to subscribe to this service, but i have already looked into ordering a bunch of test tubes (clean.. i hope) from ebay to display my tea collection!
london tea club test tube tea
tea test tube floral tea

bloom & bowl – by kimma

this is a very new brand (it only just began in january), but has already seen much success. basically what they do is deliver bouquets of beautifully arranged flowers to your house or office on a twice, thrice or four times a month. they also have a pickup service if you live in the area. they hook you up with a vase and pretty packaging too! i never used to understand the point of flowers – i guess it took me a little while to grow into them. they really do liven up a room and lift spirits! i think when i move to korea, if im not as poor as i think i might be, i will definitely get my bloom & bowl on!

bloom your life bloom & bowl
bloom & bowl science flowers kimma.kr

flower bouquet pink dusty subscription service
bloom & bowl vase packaging korea subscription service floral bouquet

canadian fashion blogger top 10 montreal studded summer outfit of the day outfit details canadian fashion blogger skirt striped heels open toe korea montreal fashion blogger unif studded biker jacket canadian blogger fashion blogger outfit details unif biker jacket daniel wellington watch

some ages just sound more awkward than others. and in my opinion, being 22 years old sounds like just that. usually i get quite excited about it being my birthday – but this year, the most excitement i got was my free birthday drinks at the cafes i spend way too much money at. i also pigged out at dim sum with a friend of mine and the meal for the both of us cost 13$ haha. a VERY GLAM 22nd birthday if you ask me.

i really cant wait for this summer to be over. im finishing up my graduate diploma, which is getting ohhhh so long and working 7 days a week. who knew a summer could lack so much fun?!?! but i have great things to look forward to- my one way flight to seoul is in 40 days and i finished registering at seogang university for korean classes. somehow i keep prolonging my time spent in university. cheers to forever learning!


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