japan japanese woman girl vintage antique daimyo fukuoka streetstyle streetfashion streetwear jewelry streetsnap street snap big rimmed hat velvet outfit vintage jewelry details japan japanese fukuoka daimyo tenjin style streetfashion streetstyle photography photography closeup layered layer how to layer jewelry asian fashion nail artdetails street fashion japanese japan vintage boutique daimyo crazy style fashion fashionable what to wear babb vintage japanese japan vintage woman girl antique boutique babb fukuoka tenjin shredded tee huge hat big hat pharrell pharell jewelry converse style fashion fashionable babb vintage antiques antique fashion ladys clothing womenswear japan fukuoka daimyo tenjin trendy area huge hat japanese pharrell pharell rimmed fedora oversized shredded tee velvet kimono jacket japanese street style fashion asian its my first time in japan, and im really loving the vibes here. i will definitely be making some weekend trips, before i move back to canada. in fukuoka, people seem to be keen on vintage and skate/surf style. in daimyo, i’ve seen quite a few vintage shop owners wearing huge buffalo hats or statement fedoras or wide brimmed hats. looooove it. this gal had adorable style. love the way some japanese girls wear their blush, and her jewelry is perfection (y).

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lalalala do it like a dude (i don’t know any of the words from that song except that part..). a very boyish look on the blog today! dressing in this style is VERY comfy- i see the appeal here. i borrowed the uniqlo button-down from my boyfriend, and the 5panel cap is ours to share. the rest is actually mine, and when worn separately, doesn’t shout “im a tomboy”. i remember at my elementary school, all of the girls went through this tomboy phase, and we used to have contests on who could out-boy who. we would check eachothers tag to make sure we weren’t wearing girl clothes hahaha.

if you would be ever so kind, im entering a contest on #highsnobiety: please vote for me here and i will love you forever!!!

지현정 ji hyeon jeong model korean female director insite  onstyle pink hair fur jacket streetfashion streetstyle fashionable what to wear fashion week korea seoul

hey! we don’t have a tv in our apartment, so i usually just watch downloaded tv shows or youtube haha. during my late night youtube session, i found this video of korean model and creative director, hyunjeong ji, so i thought i would share it along with a streetstyle photo i took of her at the last seoul fashion week. pink hair, braided denim, some fur casually slung on. this girl knows.

opening ceremony sweater black and white monochrome all black everything the royal we mia liamani canadian fashion blogger korean seoul korea style trends what to wear opening ceremony black and white sweater reverse est 2002nike dunks low all black dope sneakers sneakerhead hypebeast highsnobiety menswear details coffee shop cafe seoul korea korean style modelsamia liamani mia fashion blogger canadian montreal korean seoul opening ceremony thumbs up for fashion fedora wide rimmed hat the royal we felt hat wool vans sneakers casual parisian style daily look ootd what i wore casual outfit inspirationseongmin an model male korean covernat jacket daily look menswear seoul korea trends fashionable streetstyle streetfashion what to wear date coffee shop

covernat bomber varsity jacket korean brand menswear details leather sleeves black 커버낫 남성웃 스타일 서울 안성민 미아리아마니 미아 커버낫 맨투맨 스타일 서울 광화문 하시르 할리스 데일리룩 데일리 covernat varsity jacket leather black sleeves herschel fish print bag printed fishing backpack samia : hat – the royal we, jeans – indibrand

seongmin : varsity jacket – covernat, button-down – j.crew, pants – zara, backpack – herschel.

sooo for the past little while, my sleep schedule has been really messed up (ok, lets be honest, nothing new here). i got bored being awake at night all the time (my boyfriend at work), so i decided to venture out to a cafe at 4 or 5am haha. its a big coffee chain, but for some reason this 24 hour location was sooo much prettier than the others ive been to. once again, at a ridiculously early hour, seongmin and i decided to head out to the cafe. not sure who goes on dates at 6am, but it works for us. this coffee crawl was following by some vintage shopping (didn’t find much ;-;) and a trip to a really delicious sandwich shop (rye post), reminiscent of montreal. catch me on instagram for those in between updates: @mialiamani.

normcore outfit simple basic gazelle adidas korean fashion blogger german shirt polkadot black and whitecanadian fashion blogger mia liamani samia what to wear daily look outfit of the day brands collaboration ich fuhle mich gut polkadots polka dots outfit look black and white details korean clothing simple look daily 데일리룩 hand details rings accessories ring party finger polka dots polkadots daniel wellington classic black and white normcore outfit 아디다스 adidas normcore basic simple outfit stansmith stans classic gazelle borrowed from the boyfriendsomeone complimented me on my very “normcore” style. the first thing that came to mind was “thank you, but its actually just poorcore” haha. i haven’t had money to go shopping in forever! im starting my teaching job at the end of the month, so im very much so looking forward to having a busy schedule again, make everyday at school awesome, and yes, get a paycheck! typically, im so used to my schedule being nonstop busy, that when i have too much downtime, i feel quite lost. moral of the story, being busy, actually makes me motivated to be even busier! *cue the sean paul track*

before i moved to korea, i tried hard to maximize my closet capabilities with as little clothes as possible. i think i did quite well, because although i really don’t have a lot of clothes with me.. i feel i have a lot of pieces which i really love, and there is nothing hiding anywhere in the depths of my closet, so i actually get around to wearing all of it.


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