서울 패션 위크 스트릿 스냅 seoul fashion week streetstyle seoulfashionweek sfw fw15 nike suit menswear streetsnap streetstyle streetwear street fashion fashionable styling allover print daisy daisies dope hypebeast high snobiety highsnobiety snobshot데일리룩 일상 멘스웨어 남성옷 남웃 스타일 코디 스타일링 seoul streetstyle fashion week menswear what ot wear outfit of the day daily look how to wear suit bespoke style trend allover print daisy daisies mens allover print suit, but not in an overwhelming way. just charming! and these nikes.. im a fan. streetstyle wise, i was only at this seasons seoul fashion week on the weekend and weekday evening, so there wasn’t that much quality out there in the sea of people. just my opinion, but too many people show up trying to look like they are “someone” or try to live up to imaginary expectations that they have of fashion week. this guy on the other hand, i knew i had to shoot.

samia liamani mia fashion blogger canadian algerian top 30 under 30 who to watch who what wear ootd outfit of the day fashion forward bootcut boot cut highwaisted flared ripped manrepeller leandra medine montreal seoul south korea  style button down simple monochrome look feature furla zara korean brand korean fashion garosugil sinsa how to tie a basic v-neck sweater fashion blogger styling tip canada montreal toronto seoul paris fashion week manrepeller new york lace up heels laceup tieup zarasamia liamani mia canadian fashion blogger who style wore wear high waisted manrepeller leandra medine south korea fashion trends korean k-style kstyle tumblr pinterest ootd inspo inspiration streetstyle french parisian parisienne style furla zara designer fashionsamia liamani mia algerian fashion blogger montreal canadian style seoul korean korea south what to wear who wore ootd outfit of the day instastyle trend streetstyle flared high-waisted highwaisted jeans denim brand

these days, my style is more about making statements in subtle ways. i’ve been having trouble with pants because they never seem to fit the way i want them to (im pretty tiny.. even by korean standards) BUT my friends brand: INÈS, fits me perfectly. she is officially my go to gal for bottoms haha. they like to call these kinds of jeans the brooke shields jeans on manrepeller – and i must say they are always great at coining these little nicknames. also, little styling tip: try tying a basic v-neck sweater in different ways.. like across the chest! catch you on the flipside, people!

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particularly with women, i always hear the reoccuring “i have nothing to wear”.. even though their closet is filled, overflowing even, with wonderful pieces. ok, some people might actually have nothing to wear, but thats because they didn’t do their shopping right in the first place.

(1) wear it differently: i bought this allover print kitten blouse from zara about three or four years ago (woah, time flies!). as you can probably guess, it wasn’t my first pick of tops to wear anymore. its still a pretty chiffon blouse, so i never got rid of it. but then, it occured to me to tie it around my waist, and voila, in love again! don’t give up on a piece just because you can’t wear it conventionally anymore. try layering it under something, over something – the possibilities are endless.

(2) dress it up or dress it down: some people have a tendency to splurge on really pricey items that they wear once to a fancy event and then its doomed to forever collect dust in the corner of their closet. don’t let that happen! get your moneys worth, and try dressing down a glam top with jeans and sneakers. don’t let a beautiful dress go to waste on one wear. instead, find ways to tone it down and incorporate it into your daily looks.

(3) holey moley: the top im wearing in this outfit actually had a gaping hole in the front. was i going to throw it away? NO! i took a chunky pink string and thick needle and sewed it up. my handy dandy stitch-up job is definitely visible, but i think the thick pink thread adds a nice homey, lived in feeling to the top. get creative, before you go throwing things away!

(4) so lets say something really isn’t for you anymore.. i had a pair of plaid pants that were just tooooo loose on me. they were awesome pants, but i was never going to get away with wearing them. i gave them to my friend, and she loves them and wears them to death! last summer, my friends and i often made piles of things we were no longer into.. we would either end up giving them to eachother, or let eachother take home a big pile for a really affordable price. everyone wins!

see my post on: how to shop smart

daily look striped knit h&m bershka pink high waisted pants toggle jacket topman borrowed from the boys illinois beanie tuque pompom hat  beanie tuque pompom hat bershka illinois americana shopping japan fukuoka fashion fashionable seoul fashion blogger canadian montreal style berska h&m daily fashion 데일리 데일리룩 아메리칸 스타일 패션 서울 블로거 미아리아마니 패션 재미있는 사진 데일리 데일리룩 stripes knit pink spring transition look funny poop emoji stylejumping photo style fashion daily look what i wore ootd montreal seoul blogger bershka vans womens girls womenswear easy to wear affordable looks spring transition mia liamani mialiamani samia liamani menswear dope boys japanese text letters writing hanja tshirt h&m forever21men forever21 mens all black outfit sweatpants i love ugly daily casual put together what i wore uniqlo seongmin an montreal seoulseongmin sleeping on the job hehehe daily look womenswear do it like a dude toggle fisherman jacket topman topshop bershka what i wore ootd what to wear spring outfit transition season transitional fashion fashionable style look seoul fashion blogger illinois beanie tuque

mia – hat: bershka, knit: h&m, pants: bershka, jacket: topman, shoes: vans

min – jacket: uniqlo, shirt: forever21, pants: forever21, shoes: nike

these clothes are from my japan (#fukuoka) haul! i scored big at the H&M and bershka. the sales were soooo good! as per my google search, we actually have a bershka in korea, but ive never seen it. gotta love a good striped knit. people always seem to think i spend a lot of money on clothes—- but its actually quite the opposite. from head to toe (excluding the mens jacket, including the shoes) this outfit costs: 54$!!!!. money isn’t everything pals.

this week was SOOOO HARD!!!! i was incredibly jolly in japan, but everything seemed to go downhill when i got back to seoul. my lovely little puppy, roo, suddenly passed away ;-;. she looked great and showed no signs of illness. she was just gone. just like that. seongmin and i are really heartbroken. she was a huge part of our lives. we can’t stop tearing up these days argggg its so hard.


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