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some couple snaps from seoul fashion week. we all know asia is famous for giving birth to the ‘couple tee’, which is when a couple wears matching tshirts and then that spread to sneakers, watches, and everything else you could imagine. i had never seen a couple pull that off and not look totally lame until fashion week! besides that one couple, usually people just go with similar concepts. on their own, they could look great, but with their partner, they can look excellent. this isnt something unique to korea. i think “fashion people” everywhere around the world have this habit, but korean people employ it on a more daily basis. literally asking eachother “what are you going to wear today?”. it kind of adds a little spice to your day haha. like playing tag-team dress up.

i don’t want to keep flooding the blog with so much content from ss15 (even though it was quite the fashion adventure) so i’ll start mixing it up from here on out! its already the 29th of october, so for the next few days im going to enjoy as many halloween themed things as i can. i am such a sucker for these marketing ploys.. (considering my major was marketing, you’d think i would be a little bit smarter with my money). i cannot stop eating halloween themed cupcakes, cookies .. and as i type this i am eating a ghost donut. let me know on the facebook page or in the comments what posts you prefer!

yoon sojeong sojung korean model gorgeous style streetfashion streetstyle seoul fashion week 윤소정 스타일 윤소정 모델 유명한 서울 패션위크

yoon so jung is a breath of fresh air. when everyone around you is trying to be over the top, she kicks their butt with her clean, relaxed outfit and equally easy-going personality. i love how put together she looks. hello grownup, hello pretty lady, hello i woke up like this. i need to have more outfits like this, seriously. i might be getting a real job soon, or something like that.

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made lots of friends at fashion week! i always describe fashion weeks as some kindof summer day camp.. except its for adults.. with an interest in crazy clothing. its really easy to meet some horrible personalities at these kinds of events, but its equally as easy to meet some really cute people! in these photos, the dope chinese girls are a celebrity stylist duo, DUIER, from beijing and hongkong. the other expats are american girls who blog under: keepme and alex t.

ive often just thrown this UNIF jacket on really quick before leaving the house, but it was my first time pairing it with this high waisted, leather, pleated skirt. the proportions ended up being just right (hello illusion of long legs~~~). also – this outfit just makes me that much more excited for halloween! im not even planning to go to a huge party or something – i just really love halloweeeen. starting next week, i will be eating EXTRA amounts of sweets and taking photos to show all of you. theres a few monster themed cafes in seoul, so i will definitely be paying them a visit. 

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whenever im shooting streetstyle, im rarely accompanied by other female photographers. from what ive seen, its definitely a field dominated by men. nonetheless, i am very passionate about menswear, so i definitely did not ignore the trendy boys at seoul fashion week. this is just a sneak peek of more to come! its all very dark, since its been quite cold and rainy these days. love the thumbs up and sartorial style up top! ahn seung jun, famous korean model (#4) has such a great smile. he seemed quite happy to take fun, candid shots with passerbys and fans as well.

yeo hyewon hye won korean model floral backpack mcm leather style fashion sjyp ss15 streetstyle여헤원 yeo hye won korean model seoul fashion week model off duty streetstyle street fashion streetwear oversized turtleneck chunky choker necklace sjyp steve j yoni p outside the show fashion yeo hyewon korean girl model grey coat irene kim kfashion  kstyle seoul fashion week ss15 october 2014 2015korean model yeo hyewon face profile shot closeup in action walking shot street fashion seoul fashion week kstyle kpop korean model

it was a rainy monday at seoul fashion week, but it meant a lot less people were there, so i was way relaxed and able to some perfect shots in. yeo hye won (여혜원) is an absolute stunner, and a lot of fun to shoot! she does oversized really well. hiding in the chunky turtleneck is that lovely choker necklace (im pretty sure its from vintage hollywood in sinsadong.. since a lot of the models and celebrities seem to like that shop). the hairdo is from the steve j and yoni p show. what. a. cutie.

this little gang was not hard to miss at seoul fashion week: day 3. despite their intimidating look, i think they were the friendliest people ive shot so far. the tattoos on the girls are the cherry on top. you cant see them well, but two of the girls have lovely neck tattoos. once again, i have to say, style is a about an attitude. also, it really does seem to be more effective when your friends compliment your style. being trendy alone is no fun!

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yohanix ss15 was spot on with the detailing. i particularly enjoyed the beaded skirts and the extra badass studded open-knee sweats. although my shots didn’t really capture the full vibe, it was a mix of futuristic warrior and florals. the designer and stylists managed to make this edgy pieces look really easy to wear! the shoes were also something to pay attention to. gold origami-like shapes were tacked onto loafer pumps, sneakers and sandals. aaand it looks like the all white and all black look is here to stay for spring/summer 2015!


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