indibrand korea seoul hapjeong hongdae station street style personal metallic unif biker jacket studded motorcycle moto zara boots buckles coated denim furla leather purse fashion blogger 패션블로거 유니프 인디브랜드 한국스타일 fashion blogger montreal canadian style personal korean style fashion blogging biker jacket fall outfit 2015 zara unif indibrand algerian algeria algerian girl woman icon it follow how to푸브리크 푸블리크 커피숍 코엑스 coex shopping mall parnas publique cafe 파르나스 팔르나스 making memories moleskine planner calendar convenient design nerd 사미아 미아 리아마니 디자이너 블로거 패션블로그 유니프 모토 자켓 인디브랜드 예쁘다 캐나다 여자 캐나다 사람 미아리아마니 자라 zara buckled buckle boots black leather fall winter 2014 2015

biker jacket: unif, sweater: indibrand, pants: indibrand, boots: zara, purse: furla

here i am, being my usual self- which is definitely not gangnam style. besides working in gangnam, i really have no interest in hanging around that area at all. im actually working as an intern at coex right now, which is a bit painful. coex is the world trade center of seoul, but attached is the largest underground shopping mall in asia, that has literally all of the shops and brands i absolutely love in one place. everyday i walk by them, and i wave hello *through a window* to a sparkly pair of shoes or a beautiful allsaints jacket.

today, i went to publique cafe which is at the coex mall. theres a new fancy hawaiian cafe opening up soon (im intrigued by anything with the word hawaii attached), and my other option is dean & deluca. i spent my time filling out this leather planner i snagged at #foodweekkorea. its a perfect size, looks and feels exactly like a moleskine, and only cost me 5$!

kim hye in streetstyle street fashion korean 김혜인  스트릿스타일 패션위크

i was really impressed with the fluidity of kim hye in’s poses. she was incredibly comfortable in front of all the streetstyle photographers looking to get their shot in. probably even more so than some of the models i shot. i really love how she conquered the feat of wearing oversized from head to toe without looking bulky or losing her femininity. the choker necklaces we keep seeing on the girls of seoul fashion week always catch my eye, as does her cartoon-ish watch bracelet.

the world is yours wool hat korean brand fedora black wide rimmed wide rim fall in seoul korea samia liamani blogger fashion simple minimal karen walker sunnies sunglasses nike blazer french style parisienne buddha temple tiny statues buddhist monk seoul korea fall leaves beautifulsamia liamani mia knit cardigan zara leather pants simple outfit minimal style black grey white daniel wellington watch korean fashionkorean couple boyfriend mixed race seoul fall korea red leaves buddhist temple mia liamani seongmin an nike blazer fall outfitseongmin an 안성민 미아 리아마니 hapjeong hongdae night cafe 합정역 커피숍 얼짱 ㅋㅋ 서울 hapjeong hongdae sandwhich shop street sandwich cute places to visit

min and i went to visit a buddhist temple, and the leaves were really beautiful! bright, bright red. matched with the buddhist chants in the background, it really felt magical. fall in seoul is sooo dreamy. the weather transitions so slowly, that you don’t really get startled by the cold or anything. its the total opposite of montreal where one day you are wearing a t-shirt and the next you are back in your winter jacket. if you’ve noticed, yes.. seongmin is wearing the same hat i am wearing in other posts. haha we share so many clothes its unreal. i always steal his sneakers because i have elephant sized feet. ive been glued to this knit cardigan. these days, on the rare occasion that i buy something, its something i make sure i get really good wear out of it.

seoul sisters sweden sequin jumpsuit blogger fashion seoul fashion week twin look couple chanelred sequin jumpsuit summer glam look model seoul fashion week korean style blogger black high heeled boots get the look song of styleseoul fashion week sequin mermaid jumpsuit

time to get organized on this blog! i realized it wasn’t a good idea to have a ‘fashion’ category, considering 99% of my posts just end up categorized as such. so now you can jump to the type of posts you prefer a lot quicker with categories like: personal style, streetstyle, womenswear, menswear, etc.

a lot of the streetstyle i shot at fashion week happened to be of couples, or merely just friends in pairs. it really looked quite cute together when their concepts were similar, or sometimes exactly the same. i saw the “seoul sisters” everyday at fashion week, and their couple looks were always so strong! i love these sequined jumpsuits. i looked into it, and they are indeed real sisters haha. their vibe reminds me of the song sisters, but their style is particularly reminiscent of aimee / song of style. also, im really jealous of their hair… its so beautiful! actually in korea, im basically jealous of everyones hair. if you want a peek at their blog, visit

monster cupcakes hongdae itaewon noksapyeong korea seoul tourism places to go vans canada montreal seoul korea mens womens unisex authentic classicET alien monster cupcake hongdae

denim jacket: american apparel, backpack: herschel, sweater: travis taddeo

monster cupcake theme cafe cupcakes bakery cupcake halloween theme finger rip cemetary tiramisu cafe mocha theme korea gangnam tourist tourism where to go hongdae hapjeong monster cupcakes itaewonmonster ade cupcake shop cafe korea seoul theme halloween stylenanda korea seoul sora park spiderweb shop front storecafe les arbres hongdae hapjeongcoffee latte art hearts many design

happy halloween everyone! i love the freshness of the air on halloween night – i feel like its the epitome of fall. although korean air is missing that smell of burning wood, as people start to use their fireplaces. today i went to monster cupcakes to celebrate with my friend, satchi. not only were the cupcakes absolutely adorable (my photos don’t really do them justice – there was 10 other different designs), they were absolutely delicious. not too sweet, but just right. and oh so fluffy. i had the tiramisu flavor (left) and satchi tried the cafe mocha flavor (right). stylenanda and a lot of the other shops had really cute halloween displays all around hongdae as well.

later, we went to cafe les arbres to “study”, but of course we didnt even have time to open our books from chatting too much. of course, i would love the idea of partying on halloween night, but it isnt what it used to be. not interested in partaking with everyone using halloween as an excuse to show off as many body parts as possible. clothed and happy, my next stop is hitting up the movie theater with le boyfriend.

couple korean boyfriend girlfriend matching outfit same concept fashion seoul fashion week couple streetstyle korean couple boyfriend girlfriend style fashion look reflective sunglasses concept camo layered daily look menswear womenswear outfit inspirationcouple seoul fashion week classic style coat peacoat matching conceptcouple korean style fashion couple outfit seoul fashion week camo bird detail sneakers blue reflective sunniescouple seoul korean fashion week style model hiphop baggy pants sweatpants sneakers nike varsity camo boyfriend girlfriend outfit streetstyle street fashion ss15 spring fall 2015 2014 style tip how to wear matching concept couple outfit

some couple snaps from seoul fashion week. we all know asia is famous for giving birth to the ‘couple tee’, which is when a couple wears matching tshirts and then that spread to sneakers, watches, and everything else you could imagine. i had never seen a couple pull that off and not look totally lame until fashion week! besides that one couple, usually people just go with similar concepts. on their own, they could look great, but with their partner, they can look excellent. this isnt something unique to korea. i think “fashion people” everywhere around the world have this habit, but korean people employ it on a more daily basis. literally asking eachother “what are you going to wear today?”. it kind of adds a little spice to your day haha. like playing tag-team dress up.

i don’t want to keep flooding the blog with so much content from ss15 (even though it was quite the fashion adventure) so i’ll start mixing it up from here on out! its already the 29th of october, so for the next few days im going to enjoy as many halloween themed things as i can. i am such a sucker for these marketing ploys.. (considering my major was marketing, you’d think i would be a little bit smarter with my money). i cannot stop eating halloween themed cupcakes, cookies .. and as i type this i am eating a ghost donut. let me know on the facebook page or in the comments what posts you prefer!


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