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i actually met codye in the bathroom, while on our way out to one of the shows. she let me know she had just come from a wedding, which was why she incorporated the korean hanbok (traditional korean dress) into her outfit. her style was a really nice mix of east meets west. the pink hair, adorned sunglasses, dainty earrings and fun cellphone case all seemed to fit so well together, along with her personality.

how long have you been in korea and what is it you are up to here? 4 years, modelling, freelance, anything, party promoting, dancing and singing like crazy!

favourite show this season at seoul fashion week? LieSangBong 

what’s your go to statement piece? vintage anything! i love black and white chiffon mostly though. and neck pendants. lately I’m really into fishnet everything. by being so into vintage, i just have less of an opinion about actual brands. i know vintage brand name is stunning… just usually expensive ..if they know what they are selling lol.

which place has the best thrift shopping (in the world)? the midwest of america has the best thrift.

why is that? likely because of the smaller cities and the types of people. its not exactly a fashion center, so there’s more opportunities to find/make recycled fashion styles and trends. and its cheap!

and how does korea compare? i think because of the late development of korea, vintage clothing is less common BUT there’s still a ton. especially in dongmyo and gwangjang. they are selling that vintage as fashion though, whereas thrifting is looking for fashion treasure and knowing what the good aesthetics are. sooo they are charging more than a thrift store because its fashion focused. but dongmyo is more like a flea market with piles of clothes you can dig through. its fun!

outfit of the day daily look what to wear in the winter fall 2015 grey coat vans leggings and socks loopy mango canadian fashion blogger montreal korean streetstylevans weed socks seoul south korea eames rocking chair coffee shop cafe exterior interior corner corners hapjeong station hongdae A cafe coffee shop interior interiors corners dangling light bulbs lightbulbs seoul south korea hongdae hapjeong hongdae streetstyle hapjeong korean blogger fashion style helsinki hat loopy mango wool and the gang trend furla burletto vans weed socks grey coat uniqlo collab collaboration raf simons dangling light bulbs pin broche brooch kitty cat kitten fun quirky accessories grey coat wine bottles cafe decor coffee shop corners hongdae korea hapjeong mia samia liamani blogger fashion canadian canada montreal korean korea trend helsinki hat loopy mango wool and the gang big up seoul loopy mango wool and the gang decor flat lay

coat: uniqlo collab, fisherman sweater: american apparel, leggings: f21, purse: furla 

although i have taken up knitting these days, no way in hell would i trust myself to make one of these loopy mango or wool and the gang hats. i also spared myself the $215, and bought this exact alternative, for a more appealing $20, at one of the shops in a subway station. this outfit is comfort at its best – and i spiced things up with a bright pink lipstick. with vans, socks peeking out is always a good look. point being: chunky knit hats are important. they are warm and weird-looking.

boyfriend blazer blogger stripes leather pleated skirt what to wear coffee shop paris seoul nike vintage pink skate sb leather pleated skirt blogger boyfriend blazer ruelle de paris bakery seoul yeonhuidonglee hee eun tea time with us blogger seoul korea korean style simple new balance grey coatSOFT selectshop softselectshop seoul yeonhuidong stripes leather pleated skirt boyfriend blazer look of the day daily look seoul daniel wellington casual canadian fashion blogger montreal mia liamani samia what to wear coffee shop
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carrot cake seoul yummy cafe coffee shop

first things first, i was running out the door and grabbed one of the first things i saw.  this boyfriend blazer actually belongs to my boyfriend, and therefore, actually looks horrible when wore the proper way. so nice having a partner with the same taste as you to share clothes with!

another post from when i was exploring yeonhui-dong with my pal, hee eun. many are saying that yeonhui-dong is the next cool, tiny cove for artists and boutiques and all things design. that being said, there really are so many of these types of pockets spread all around seoul. first, we went to a bakery for some freshly baked goodies. the couple that opened up shop just a month ago were so delightful. they are getting married in the fall, and from our short meeting, they seemed to be such quaint people! is it just me, or does it sound dreamy to find your perfect match, and settle down by opening a bakery or cafe?

next, we settled down in alice & sue, which is half cafe, half design shop. i had carrot cake, forgetting that i had had a huge amount of carrots for dinner the night before. im not kidding you my skin was this awkward tinge of yellow! did you know that happens if you eat too many carrots?! hehe.

i should also mention that hee eun has just launched her new tea blog! i might be doing some guest posts on there in the future! you can check it out here: tea time with us.

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i went to visit a friend of a friends shop which just opened up about a month ago. her boutique is in a newly developing area, so there are tons of interesting cafes, boutiques and bistros alongside. SOFT selectshop carries korean brands, specializing in accessories. also in stock are some coats (like the lovely pink one im wearing!), handbags and design items for the home-> like the candles, calendars and statue-heads pictured above. its a very small shop, but it doesn’t feel stuffy whatsoever. somehow she makes it work! every customer that i saw walk in did not leave empty handed. the selection of jewelry is to die for!

while talking with minkyeong (@soft_soy), the shop owner, and my good friend, hee eun (@smileproj), over some fresh ciabetta from the shop next door, i was getting really motivated for 2015. one of my goals is to be more dedicated to this blog! i love the endless possibilities this blog can bring me, but its up to me to make them happen.

SOFT selectshop facebook page

연희동 소프트 셀렉샵
서대문구 연희로 15길 35
35, Yeonhui-ro 15-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

aA design museum seoul hongdae cafe coffee shop eames cool chairsaA design museum seoul tea time teacup teapot korea hongdae cafe coffee shop eames cool chairspouring tea seoul korean teacup teapot hands nailpolish cute cafehongdae design cafe ultimate milk  seoul hongdae aA museum coffee shop aA design museum interior cafe coffee shopDSC_5041

i finally got to sit down for a latte, tea and giant tiramisu at aA design museum. typically, one might wander into a korean cafe thinking “wow! there are eames chairs everywhere!” but those are actually just common fakes. on the other hand, aA design museum actually features the real thing, and lots of other cool pieces like giant elephants, interesting lighting and art pieces scattered around. even the stroll down to the bathroom was scenic. i am going to do more photoshoots here from now on! i heard, in the morning it is really quiet, and the owners dog strolls around the ginormous café.

giddy up sequin sweater american apparel denim furla bag leather pants leggings j.crew uniqlo korea korean style fashion blog seoul seoulite gyeongbokgung palaceproject 29 cafe coffee shop workspace, gallery, design cafe gyeongbokgung station seoul where to go for coffee cute areas 경복궁역 커피숍 카페 스타일블로그 블로거 패션 서울 위국인 기디업 커피 커피한잔 경복궁 삼청동 coffee shop espresso machine cafe seoul flowers at cafe coffee shop samcheongdong gyeongbokgung seoul where to visit dried flowers in vasemialiamani samia liamani 미아 리아마니 패션 블로그 블로거 스타일 외국인 캐나다 사람 서울

coat: uniqlo, denim jacket: american apparel, leather leggings: zara, 

purse: furla, beanie+sweater+scarf: misc. korean stores, sneakers: vans. 

everyone gets sick of wearing their bulky winter jacket- especially when its everyday. my new alternative to this, is to layer my american apparel denim jacket under a coat. it looks badass and its super warm! i have to commend american apparel on their denim jackets, because the quality of the denim used is amazing. it also ages according to how you wear it, which is fun. ive had mine for about a year and a half, and it is starting to show wear in all the right places. i could probably keep on wearing this for the next 40 years haha.

since im on foot all the time, i always happen to stumble across new places and sweet hidden spots. all the spots i used to love two or three years ago are no longer special. probably because i’ve been through it so many times, that its all just become so #basique and its getting a lot more crowded. nearby gyeongbokgung station, hidden in the alleys are a goldmine of amaaaaazing cozy little cafés, bars, boutiques and so on. its my new SPOT! i met with an instagram pal @abathingegg. he is an american, living in japan. a super rad guy with a super rad instagram feed! if you are into japanese food, you know who to follow. he brought me some of this special edition matcha kitkat ^^


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